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Who we are…


Lone Wolf is an independent boutique production music label and production music publishing company based in Oxford, UK. Offering a wide range of music for TV, film, games and media, Lone Wolf will enhance the storytelling process of any production, through music.


We own the rights to the whole catalogue. Every track is affiliated with PRS and MCPS.



What we do…


We are a one stop shop, designed to simplify the acquisition of syncs for Music Supervisors, TV Production, Independent Film Makers and Content Creators.


The Lone Wolf catalogue is constantly growing and adding new albums monthly, so keep checking back for fresh content.


If you like what you hear, but are in need of a specific genre, please get in touch as we would be keen to work with you on your project!

New Releases...

Click the images below to check out the latest albums from Lone Wolf

LWPM-084 Outback Country Cover.jpg
LWPM-083 Outback Rock Cover.jpg
LWPM-082 Outback Tension Cover.jpg
LWPM-081 Spaghetti Western.jpg
LWPM-080 Cool Cops Cover.jpg
LWPM-079 Cracking The Case Cover.jpg
LWPM-078 Heavy Sports Rock Cover.jpg
LWPM-077 Big Drums Cover.jpg
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