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Acoustic Rock is a mix of different rock subgenres, played on Acoustic Guitars. From Classic Rock to Country Rock, there's something here for everyone. These tracks are incredibly versatile and will work for lifestyle, kids, documentary - you name it! Positive, motivational and optimistic, this album has it all!

Bagpipe Chill is filled with tracks that capture a different side of the Scottish Highlands. With moods from brooding and melancholic, to dreamy and uplifting, and with plenty of anthemic themes, this album is full of delightful surprises and magical moments.

Off Kilter is an album of quirky, weird and totally off the wall tracks! These tracks are happy, clumsy, warm and have plenty of character. If you need something a little different for your production, definitely check out these tracks!

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is an independent boutique production music label based in Oxford, UK. Offering a wide range of music for TV, film and games, Lone Wolf will enhance the storytelling process of any production, through music.


Chris Raggatt


Lone Wolf was founded by prolific composer, Chris Raggatt - a graduate of Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester and The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff. Chris started his career as a guitarist and drummer, playing in bands and traveling all over the UK. However, Chris’ greatest passion has always been composition, and combined with a natural ability to convey emotion through music, he has found his true vocation in writing for Film and TV. Today, you can hear Chris’ music on TV and media worldwide.


Some of Chris’ writing credits include:


Bondi Rescue, Love It Or List It Australia, Real Housewives Of Melbourne, Drunk History, The Young And The Restless, Easy Ways To Live Well, Fox Sports-Boxing, Fox Sports-NFL, College Football, Run BTS, Holland’s Got Talent, The Voice Junior, Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors, Aussie Salvage Squad, Lego Masters Australia, Hitler's Secret Bomb, Life Drawing Live, Territory Cops, Naked Attraction, Toys That Made Christmas, NOS Sport, NOS Journaal, NOS Sail, Kampf De Realitystars, World Surf League, Dinner Date, Teenager Become Mothers, Wat Eten We? Postcode Lottery, Hallo Deutschland, Punkt, 24 Hours in the ER, Team Pirate Eenheid, Corona Virus-News Special, Animal Rescuer with a Heart


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