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With its roots in the 1920s but hitting its peak during the 1930s-40s, the Western Swing movment was an outgrowth of Jazz. In its heyday, huge numbers would congregate in dance halls and clubs all over Texas, Oklahoma and California. Often upbeat in tempo, these tunes would combine local genres, Jazz, Cowboy, Polka, Old-time, Dixieland, Swing and Blues, and serve as escapism for the youth of the day. These string led bands were the South's answer to the Horn led Big Bands of the time. Western Swing was the soundtrack to an era.

The 1950s was an exciting time for country music. A proud and patriotic period of time where the war was over and exciting advancements were being made. The 50s saw the introduction of the Telecaster and Country music was moving away from the acoustic folk styles and more towards the electric sounds. At the end of the 40s, Hank Williams Sr had paved the way for bar room classics and songs about heartbreak. The Country artists of the 50s progressed this new style, as well as continuing with more traditional songs about the Wild West way of life. This album is a mix of all these things.

In the 1960s, with the emergence of 'the Bakersfield sound', Country music really got interesting! This album captures snapshots from that period. From exciting rip roaring guitar solos on the Telecaster, to weepy melodies on the Steel Guitar, this album has it all.

Who we are…


Lone Wolf is an independent boutique production music label and production music publishing company based in Oxford, UK. Offering a wide range of music for TV, film, games and media, Lone Wolf will enhance the storytelling process of any production, through music.


We own the rights to the whole catalogue. Every track is affiliated with PRS and MCPS.



What we do…


We are a one stop shop, designed to simplify the acquisition of syncs for Music Supervisors, TV Production, Independent Film Makers and Content Creators.


The Lone Wolf catalogue is constantly growing and adding new albums monthly, so keep checking back for fresh content.


If you like what you hear, but are in need of a specific genre, please get in touch as we would be keen to work with you on your project!

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