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Lone Wolf releases a minimum of two albums per month, ensuring fresh, useful content is always being delivered to the people who need it!


It’s Rock-tober!

What better way to see out the summer and slip into autumn than with a plethora of Rock albums?! This month Lone Wolf is proud to release these four beauties! Check out the descriptions below as well as the ‘Rock’ showreel!

‘Inspirational Indie Rock’ - is an album brimming with positive, motivational and optimistic tracks. These tracks are hard workers, building to a triumphant climax. With a generally uplifting and triumphant feel, this album will bring a feeling of success to your production.

‘Pop Rock’ - is energetic, fun and fresh. Each track has tonnes of swagger, charisma and personality. If you need to give your production the edge, 'Pop Rock' is for you!

‘Acoustic Indie’ – is a collection of laid-back rock tracks played on Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Cajon and Light Percussion. These tracks are positive, optimistic, inspirational and feel good.

‘Night Drive’ - is a collection of Indie Rock tracks with a forward momentum and an atmospheric vibe. These tracks were inspired by many nights driving home from gigs, but have the potential to suit a wide variety of different situations and scenes.

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